Surgical Procedures Frequently Asked Questions

A surgery center staff member will call you the business day before the surgery and will advise you on the use of your medication(s) for the morning of surgery.

For cataract patients- Do not eat or drink after midnight (unless otherwise instructed).

For Yag Capsulotomy laser patients- Yes you can eat the morning of the surgery.

No surgery drops, ONLY glaucoma drops as prescribed.
Yes, patients will need to arrange transportation unless otherwise instructed.
We recommend you contact your insurance carrier in regards to deductibles and/or co-insurance fees. The procedure code for Cataract surgery is 66984 and Yag Capsulotomy laser surgery is 66821. The procedure will be done at an outpatient ambulatory facility.
The surgery center will notify you of your financial responsibility prior to your surgery. Payment is due the day of your surgery.
It is recommended to separate drops at least five minutes apart.
  • Avoid activities that will traumatize the eye.
  • No rubbing
  • No swimming
  • No gardening
  • You may bend over to tie your shoes, put on socks (etc).
  • You may shower and wash your hair.

Restrictions will be reviewed at your follow-up appointments.