Outcomes of optical zone adjustments status-post previous LASIK treatment using topography-guided custom ablation

By editor
July 19, 2018


In the Journal of Refractive Surgery from the February of 2018 issue, the article written by Dr. Dan Z. Reinstein M.D.  Et. al titled “Incidence and Outcomes of Optical Zone Enlargement and Recentration After Previous Myopic LASIK by Topography-Guided Custom Ablation” found that using topography- guided Myopic LASIK treatments can effectively adjust the optical zone for reduced higher order aberrations .

Reports have shown that with older technologies a percentage of post-operative refractive patients who have had myopic ablation treatment complain of decreased night vision and increased difficulty with higher order aberrations (glare/ halos). Higher order aberrations can be effectively treated with updated technology using Topography-guided custom ablation. By enlarging the optical zone diameter with a re-treatment for these patients complaining of night vision difficulty, studies have shown that the higher order aberrations were significantly decreased.

Dr. Omar Hanuch, M.D with Cornerstone Eye Associates offers topography enhanced custom ablation treatments because of the precise and accurate outcomes this technique offers. By using topography enhanced technology, it is shown to effectively improve corneal surface irregularities and also to correct astigmatism while treating higher order aberrations in the initial procedure.



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