Do you have dry eyes this winter? Let Dr. B help!

By editor
January 22, 2015

Dr. Buttaggi says that dry eye is a common condition that many of us experience. People diagnosed with dry eye either do not produce enough tears or have poor quality tears. Tear production and quality have a tendency to diminish with age, underlying medical conditions, environment and/or as a side effect of certain medications.
A common symptom many people experience is excessive tearing. This seems to contradict the diagnosis of dry eye; however when the corneal surface is dry and irritated the gland that makes the tears will produce poor quality tears as a reflex to help lubricate the dry corneal surface. This means that you may experience excess tears running down your face! Other symptoms may include a sandy or gritty feeling, foreign body sensation, burning, redness, blurred vision or a tired feeling.
Treatments of dry eye include:
1- Using artificial tears
2- Having your doctor insert punctal plugs to slow the drainage of your tears and keep your tears on the corneal surface longer
3- Increasing quality tear production with prescription eye drops, as well as nutritional supplements
4- Treating surrounding eyelid inflammation
5- Always remembering to blink regularly when reading, working on the computer or watching TV
6- Increase the humidity in the air at work or home

Make sure to see your eye doctor for dry eye treatments to keep your eyes comfortable and to prevent your vision from being affected.



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