3 Ways a Tax Refund Helps Life Look Better

By editor
April 13, 2017

Upload: April 13, 2017Posted by Jenna Farr | Tuesday March 21, 2017

It’s almost April and that means warmer days, spring showers and for many of us, a tax refund. In fact, according to 2015 IRS data, nearly 80% of all tax filers get money back at tax time (www.irs.gov). So the question is: “What should you do with the money?” Why not make the best investment you could make? Invest in yourself. Invest in your vision. Invest in your lifestyle – the way it used to be before your dependency on reading glasses began to interfere with your everyday activities.

If you’re over 45, you probably know what I mean. And if you’ve ever taken a photograph or a screen shot on your smart phone so you could “zoom in” to read that receipt or label, you definitely know what I mean. You may have presbyopia (pres-bee-OH-pee-uh), which is a naturally occurring (and certainly frustrating) eye condition that happens after age 40, making it more difficult to see close up. But there is something you can do about it. It’s called the KAMRA corneal inlay, and it may eliminate your need for reading glasses. What better time to invest in your vision than when you receive a tax refund?

Here are three ways investing your tax refund can help make a positive difference in your vision and in your life.

1. Reduce Font Size

Have you ever increased the font size on your smart phone so you can read your texts without reading glasses? What about on your computer or tablet? Unfortunately, with presbyopia, you will likely have to keep on increasing your font size with time. But with the KAMRA corneal inlay, you may be able to return your smart phone to its original factory settings.

2. Get Active

Do you love the outdoors? Some people find that dependency on reading glasses has a negative affect on an active lifestyle. Presbyopia makes it difficult to see trail maps, sports watches, and even fishing hooks. Investing in your vision with the KAMRA corneal inlay could mean a return to enjoying the great outdoors the way you used to before you had to find a place to store and carry reading glasses.

3. Order Whatever You Want

Restaurants are particularly frustrating for presbyopes. Dim lighting and small font menus add to the ambience, but are a dreadful combination for those who have impaired near vision.

The KAMRA corneal inlay is a mini-ring, smaller and thinner than a contact lens, which sits in the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea. At the center of the ring is an opening – or pinhole – which focuses light coming into the eye. When focused light enters the eye, you can see clearly up close while maintaining your distance vision. The inlay is inserted during a brief procedure right in your ophthalmologist’s office.

The KAMRA inlay is ideal for people looking to no longer be dependent on reading glasses or contact lenses for every day activities. See this link for more information.

When that tax refund check arrives, put it to good use. Invest in yourself.



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