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5 star reviewThank you so much, Cornerstone Eye Associates! I had an amazing experience from my initial consultation, through PRK and during my follow up appointment the very next day! A special Thank you to Dr. Hanuch and the staff during my PRK surgery!!!  Dr. Hanuch and the staff helped me to feel comfortable and safe!  I will refer and recommend my family and friends to Cornerstone Eye Associates! Again, Thank you!!"
5 star reviewI was impressed with the professionalism of the staff at all interactions before, during and after LASIK.  During the procedure my anxiety was put at ease as Dr. Hanuch explained what he was doing and what I could expect at every step. I know several previous LASIK patients of Cornerstone, all with great things to say and great outcomes.  I now join them."
5 star reviewLoved the idea of the before and after photos and also a complimentary video of the surgery. The entire team who take care of me was awesome!"
5 star reviewDr. Hanuch and his staff were amazing. He kept me calm throughout the entire procedure . He explained everything step by step which really reduced my anxiety. He was fast and efficient!! He's an amazing Doctor. I'm so glad I chose him for LASIK!"
5 star reviewDoctor Hanuch was very kind, calming and assuring during the entire procedure, he relieved my anxiety and stress. THANK YOU for everything. I can see perfectly, it is a miracle."
5 star reviewStephanie Bell was great and so was Francine I had a great experience. Love the photo montage as well as the video of the procedure. Thank you!"
5 star reviewEveryone that work with me were great,pleasant, and were very professional. I would refer all my friends + family to cornerstone. Thank you."
5 star reviewThe entire team was phenomenal, thanks so much!!"
5 star reviewThank you Dr. Hanuch for making my experience amazing. He was so gentle and explained everything and made me feel like I could trust him with my eyes. I will be letting everyone know about Cornerstone. Thank you to the staff that helped me as well."
5 star reviewEveryone there is fantastic, special notice to Stephanie Bell. She is informative , and extremely pleasant. I couldn't have had a better experience."
5 star reviewI think you have a great system for your Lasik treatment at Cornerstone. All the staff were friendly and accommodating and made me feel really comfortable. From start to finish, from the consultation to the end of the procedure, everything was thoroughly explained and there were no surprises. Thank you to everyone that was part of my new vision."
5 star reviewI'm so happy that I finally went through with the surgery. After contemplating this for many years I took the plunge. The staff were polite, helpful and very attentive . The doctors were amazing. After only one day I am at 20/20 (something that I have not obtained in over 20 yrs even with glasses). I am so pleased with my experience at Cornerstone, and will refer everyone to the practice that is even thinking about getting the procedure done. Thank you for a wonderful experience and I will be forever grateful that I chose your center to have my eyes done as you definitely adhere to going above and beyond the "professional standard". Thank you again."
5 star reviewHappy to be able to see without glasses and contacts! Staff was very informative."
5 star reviewI think you have a great system for your Lasik treatment at Cornerstone. All the staff were friendly and accommodating and made me feel really comfortable. From start to finish, from the consultation to the end of the procedure, everything was thoroughly explained and there were no surprises. Thank you to everyone that was part of my new vision."
5 star reviewI am overall very pleased with my experience at Cornerstone. Everyone was so helpful and informative! I felt more like a family member there than a patient! I have already recommended you to some of my friends who have been thinking about getting the surgery. Thank you all so much for everything, I had 20/15 vision only 16 hours after surgery!!!"
5 star reviewDr Hanuch was very informative and seemed to care about me. Stephanie, along with Juan, Francine, and Amanda, all seemed attentive to my needs and questions . The entire team seems to work well together and are patient-centered. They all made sure I had as much information as needed, and told me what to expect pre-surgery , during the correction, and what to expect afterwards. I will highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone that I know of thinking about Lasik. Thank you all!"
5 star reviewCornerstone rocks, you are the best!!! :)"
5 star reviewThe whole experience was great. All of the staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. All of my questions were answered, most before I even thought to ask them. The process went just as expected, as long as the healing process continues to go well I couldn’t ask for a better experience!"
5 star reviewGreat LASIK experience thus far. Very friendly Doctors & staff. Would recommend Cornerstone to anybody, and my wife was very impressed as well. The only part of the business that needs some optimization is the website, but that's a very small piece of the experience."
5 star reviewEveryone was very helpful and comforting, making the procedure an easy to manage experience. Did not feel worried or unsure at all about my decision to have the surgery. Great job Cornerstone!"
5 star reviewI had the surgery 3 months ago and wow! One of the best gifts I've ever given myself! Dr. Hanuch and his colleagues were wonderful and after I lost my fear, the painless procedure was fascinating. I would highly recommend Dr. Hanuch."
5 star reviewI have worn glasses since I was 10 years old. I didn’t like wearing contact lenses. They would get dirty and itchy. After having the PRK procedure, I could see quite well! I am very pleased with the results! The staff at Cornerstone is very helpful and friendly."
5 star reviewThank you so much."
5 star reviewI am very pleased with the results of my LASIK surgery. I felt very well informed before the surgery and found the surgery to be what I expected. The surgical staff was wonderful; I would recommend Dr. Hanuch to anyone considering LASIK surgery."
5 star reviewThe surgery itself went by quicker than I had thought. I appreciated you talking to me throughout the procedure so I knew what was going on. The whole procedure was pain free. When the surgery was done and I sat up, I was amazed as to how well I could already see."
5 star reviewI just wanted to thank you for all you have done with my vision. I have had glasses/contacts for 25 years with a very strong astigmatism in both my eyes. When you told me that I was a good candidate for PRK I was very excited! I did a lot of research and everything I had read told me it was going to be the right move for me."
5 star reviewI am writing this letter a few months after the surgery. I am still seeing 20/20 and I cannot stop smiling. I really appreciate the time and effort you had put into this whole process. Your entire staff made me feel like I was the only patient and they all took very good care of my concerns and questions. I cannot stop talking to everyone I know about my surgery and how excited and pleased I am. I highly recommend you to anyone and everyone I talk with."

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