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What Is Refractive Surgery?

Refractive surgery is an elective surgical procedure to reduce or eliminate the dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Technology has improved dramatically over the last several years, making this type of surgery very safe, predictable and stable. These are outpatient procedures, enabling people to promptly get back to their regular activities with the freedom to see more clearly.

The most popular form of refractive surgery is called LASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis). This procedure utilizes laser to reshape the inner layer of the cornea.

What Is LASIK?

Is LASIK Right For You?

However, LASIK is not for everyone. Some patients have prescriptions or other ocular conditions for which LASIK may not be the most effective. There are other options such as PRK, intraocular lens implants and other investigational possibilities.

To perform such technologically advanced procedures, Cornerstone Eye Associates insists on the highest standards of care and the best technology. Our refractive surgeon, Dr. Omar Hanuch, brings more than 15 years of experience in this specialty and has made every effort to remain at the forefront of vision care by employing the latest technologies available. Dr. Kevin Chaisson, O.D. is an integral part of the Cornerstone Eye Associates Refractive Team, providing consultations that determine a patient's candidacy for surgery as well as providing post-operative care.

Safe LASIK Eye Surgery

We operate our own Nidek Quest Topography-Guided Custom Laser. Its unparalleled technology and unprecedented clinical results provide confidence to individuals who may have been undecided about getting laser vision correction. Having the ability to perform the procedure in our office allows us to apply the highest standards of quality control. Our meticulous and unique "Cornerstone Safety Protocol" ensures proper equipment, laser calibration and maintenance.

Cornerstone Eye Associates is not only interested in refractive surgery. As an established practice of over 50 years, we are concerned with the total treatment of our patient's eyes. We have a commitment to the highest standard of compassionate care and the best possible results no matter what service we are rendering. We count it as a privilege to offer our services to you and take very seriously your trust in us as your Eye Care Professionals.

Thank you for inquiring about the refractive surgery services at Cornerstone Eye Associates. We welcome the opportunity to provide information on this exciting field. Please call 1-877-470-EYES for more information.

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