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Nidek Quest Excimer Laser - Personalized Laser Vision Correction

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Cornerstone LASIK Center has upgraded to the Nidek Quest Excimer, the only laser system in the upper NY Region with the latest FDA-approved technology: topography-guided custom treatments.
Using topography, the Nidek laser measures more points of curvature on the cornea than wavefront imaging used in most other lasers, providing a more detailed image. These details help Dr. Hanuch deliver a better, more precise treatment for patients including those with highly irregular corneas and even astigmatism.
This advanced technology also has proven to reduce the symptoms of glare, halos, and poor night vision associated with higher order aberrations, or the subtle refractive errors in your vision.

In a study comparing the effectiveness of available LASIK lasers in the US, the Nidek Quest laser outperformed the other lasers with better outcomes 6-months after the treatment!
US Ophthalmic Review

Nidek Eye Tracking System (ETS)

laser eye surgery tracking system rochester ny laser eye tracking system rochester ny
The Nidek laser offers one of the fastest Eye Tracking Systems (ETS) to compensate for any eye movements during the procedure to ensure an accurate treatment.

Safety Protocols

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