Tips for Buying Kids' Eyewear continued

By editor
June 8, 2010

Here are more things to consider when purchasing eyeglasses for children:

5. Spring Hinges - A nice feature to look for is temples with spring hinges. These special hinges allow the temples to flex outward, away from the frames, without causing any damage. Moreover, spring hinges can help prevent the need for frequent adjustments and costly repairs.

6. Lens Material - Children's eyeglass lenses should be made of polycarbonate or Trivex, because they are the most impact-resistant material around. In addition to being the safest materials, they also are lighter in weight than regular plastic lenses, a nice advantage for strong prescriptions. Polycarbonate and Trivex have built-in protection against potentially damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, and the lenses are more scratch-resistant than regular plastic.

7. Sports Eyewear - Although polycarbonate is the lens material used for sports eyewear, regular eyeglass frames do not provide enough protection from large objects such as balls and flying elbows. So if your kid is involved in sports, a proper sports goggle with polycarbonate lenses will provide the most protection against eye injury. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, a sports goggle should have a larger vertical eye opening, rather than a smaller one. If an impact should occur and the goggles are pushed toward the face, a large eye opening keeps the impact points far above and far below the eyes.

8. Warranties - Cornerstone Eye Associates offers an optional $35 "no fault warranty" plan that will replace eyewear at 50% off regular retail pricing in case of lost or stolen glasses. Consider opting for the warranty, especially if your child is a first-time wearer.

9. Backup Pair - If your child's poor vision causes difficulty functioning without glasses, you may want to purchase a backup pair of glasses, in case something happens to the primary pair. Prescription sunglassses can double nicely as a spare pair of glasses.

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