Essilor Visual Fatigue Solutions Lenses

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June 22, 2010

Essilor of America, one of the leading manufacturers of optical lenses, has announced the launch of Essilor Visual Fatigue Solutions lenses which address the symptoms of Visual Fatigue Syndrome (VFS). VFS is caused by focusing on objects one to three feet away for extended periods of time. Prolonged computer screen viewing, extended reading, and even a large amount of cell phone usage can lead to VFS. Typical symptoms of VFS include tired eyes, blurred vision, neck pain, and headaches. The line currently has two products: Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses and Essilor Computer lenses.

Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses are intended as a primary pair replacement for patients' single-vision lenses. The lenses are recommended for 18-40 year-old myopes who experience symptoms of tired eyes, and emerging 35-45 year-old presbyopes who are starting to experience reading difficulty but are not yet ready for progressive bifocal lenses. Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses feature a special "Power Boost" area in the lower portion of the lens, to give the wearer's eyes greater clarity and comfort when focusing up-close for extended periods of time. This accommodative relief in the near vision provides wearers with greater comfort than standard vision correction.

Essilor Computer lenses are recommended for any presbyope experienceing symptoms of visiual fatigue and are intended to be prescribed as a second pair to complement the wearer's primary pair of progressive lenses. Essilor Computer lenses offer clear vision at full distance due to the fact that they have a larger intermediate area which can create a more relaxed, comfortable visual experience, with no head tipping required to find the correct intermediate power. This benefit applies to computer use as well as other intermediate or near-viewing tasks, such as reading, sewing, woodworking, cooking and auto repair.

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