Eliminating Polarized Glare

By editor
October 19, 2010

When light bounces off of shiny flat surfaces like roads, smooth water, or sand its waves reflect back into the eye vibrating in one direction--they have become horizontally polarized. This light also travels at a greater intensity which can cause glare and almost always produces an effect akin to peering through a sheer veil, resulting in a loss of clarity. The good news about horizontal polarized glare is that it can be eliminated by the use of polarized lenses. Since polarized light essentially consists of wavelengths that vibrate in one direction, the key to eliminating them is to filter them out while letting through unpolarized light--this is accomplished with the use of a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter is like a set of vertical blinds that are spaced minutely close together--light waves vibrating in the vertical plane can easily pass through this set of blinds, but waves vibrating in the horizontal plane cannot. Polarized lenses' glare-fighting ability makes them an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts. For further information or to book an appointment please call any of our three Rochester, NY Cornerstone Eye Associates locations in Gates (585-328-0153), Brighton (585-244-2200) or Irondeqouit (585-266-7880).

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