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The team at Cornerstone is committed to giving back to the community; locally, nationally, and even internationally.  Here, you will find the different charities and community involvement our staff participates in.

Cornerstone's very own Dr. Park will be going on another mission trip in the fall. He will be going to Mauritania! Mauritania is a country in the Maghreb region of Northwestern Africa.

There are 6 ophthalmologists in the entire country of Mauritania, with a population over 6 million.  That is only 1 ophthalmologist per 1 million people!

According to an article titled A Simple Way to Improve a Billion Lives:Eyeglasses written by Andrew Jacobs, more than a billion people around the world need eyeglasses but don’t have them, an affliction long overlooked on lists of public health priorities. Some estimates put that figure closer to 2.5 billion people. They include thousands of nearsighted Nigerian truck drivers who strain to see pedestrians darting across the road and middle-aged coffee farmers in Bolivia whose inability to see objects up close makes it hard to spot ripe beans for harvest.

Then there are the tens of millions of children across the world whose families cannot afford an eye exam or the prescription eyeglasses that would help them excel in school.  “Many of these kids are classified as poor learners or just dumb and therefore don’t progress at school,” said Kovin Naidoo, global director of Our Children’s Vision, an organization that provides free or inexpensive eyeglasses across Africa. “That just adds another hurdle to countries struggling to break the cycle of poverty.”*

We CAN help!!! We will have several fundraising campaigns before Dr. Park's trip.  We would also like to do a campaign to collect donated glasses for this trip, as well! Please dig through your old glasses and bring in whatever pairs you are willing to part with, no matter what condition they are in!

Click here to read the entire article by Andrew Jacobs:

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