Common Contact Lens Myths

By editor
August 10, 2009

A common question that is asked by many contact lens wearers is whether a contact lens can move and get lost behind the eye. This is absolutely false. A thin membrane called the conjunctiva forms a barrier between your eyeball and eyelid making it impossible for the lens to move from the front part of your eye. Another common myth concerning contact lenses is that they can cause eye infections. Some health problems can occur due to contact lens use but these are almost invariably due to poor hygiene or other care related issues such as wearing a lens for longer than the period recommended by your eye care professional. If you follow the professional advice you receive you are at an extremely low risk of suffering any adverse effects or infections. For further information or to book a contact lens appointment with one of our doctors please call any of our three Rochester, NY Cornerstone Eye Associates locations in Gates (585-328-0153), Brighton (585-244-2200) or Irondequoit (585-266-7880).

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