A Few Contact Lens Do's and Don'ts

By editor
September 29, 2009

DO - Always wash your hands before applying or removing your contact lenses.

DO - Replace your lens case at least every two months or so, even if it still looks clean.

DO - After taking the lenses out of their case, rinse the case with disinfecting solution and let it air dry.

DO - Although most multipurpose solutions are labeled "no rub," it's safest to gently rub the lenses prior to disinfection— especially the newer silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

DON'T - Don't switch brands or use generic alternatives without first consulting your eyecare practitioner — always use the lens care products recommended by your practitioner .

DON'T - Don't ever reuse the solution in the case. When soaking lenses, dump out old solution from the case and use fresh.

For further information or to book a contact lens appointment with one of our doctors please call any of our three Rochester, NY Cornerstone Eye Associates locations in Gates (585-328-0153), Brighton (585-244-2200) or Irondequoit (585-266-7880).

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